Meet our Chief Residents


Henrik Ghantarchyan, MD

Sherman Oaks, CA

I used to be an ER nurse


Alexander Phan, MD

Westminster, CA

I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 10 seconds

The role of Chief Residents in the ARMC Internal Medicine Residency Program is of paramount importance. These individuals serve as leaders, role models, and advocates for residents, contributing significantly to the program's success and the development of its residents. The selection process for Chief Residents is designed to identify exceptional individuals who exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, leadership, and commitment to the program's mission and values.

Selection Criteria: We follow a rigorous and comprehensive selection process to choose our Chief Residents. The criteria for selection encompass a combination of clinical excellence, leadership skills, interpersonal qualities, and dedication to our program's core principles, which include:

Clinical Excellence: Chief Residents must demonstrate a high level of clinical competency and the ability to provide outstanding patient care. They serve as clinical role models for their peers.

Leadership Skills: Chief Residents are expected to exhibit strong leadership skills, including effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. They should be able to motivate and inspire their colleagues.

Commitment to Education: Chief Residents should have a deep commitment to medical education, actively participating in teaching and mentoring activities. They should be passionate about the growth and development of their fellow residents.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Collaboration is a cornerstone of our program, and Chief Residents must excel in working as part of a team. They should foster a positive and inclusive environment within the residency community.

Professionalism and Ethics: Chief Residents must exemplify the highest ethical and professional standards. They should serve as ethical role models and advocates for the well-being of both patients and colleagues.

The Selection Process: The selection process for Chief Residents typically includes the following steps:

Application: Residents submit applications that include their qualifications, leadership experiences, and a brief personal statement outlining their commitment to the program's values.

Interview: The Program Director conducts interviews with the applicants to assess their qualifications, leadership potential, and alignment with the program's mission.

Faculty Input: Input is sought from faculty members who have worked closely with the candidates to gain a comprehensive perspective on their abilities and qualities.

Final Selection: The Program Director reviews all information gathered and makes the final decision based on the candidates' qualifications, interviews, and feedback.

The Chief Residents selected play a vital role in shaping the educational experience, culture, and future success of our program. Through a careful and thorough selection process, we ensure that those chosen for this esteemed role are dedicated, exceptional individuals who will lead by example and uphold the program's values and commitment to excellence.

By selecting Chief Residents who embody the highest standards of clinical competence, leadership, and professionalism, we are confident that our residents will continue to receive the exceptional training and support they deserve.