Salary & Benefits

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center is committed to providing its residents and fellows with a Total Compensation Program that is competitive with what is offered in the external market. We approach salary and benefits as a “total compensation” package which includes wage programs, pay practices, paid time off and benefits.

Annual Salary

SalaryPer Year
PGY I$64,350
PGY II$67,574
PGY III$70,616
PGY IV$73,814
PGY V$77,996
Fellow I$82,208
Fellow II or Surgical Critical Care Fellow$85,915
Fellow III$89,929

Program Benefits

GME Benefits

Education Benefit$50 per pay period, 26 pay periods per year
Food Benefit$150 per pay period, 26 pay periods per year
Vehicle Allowance$28.66 per pay period, 26 pay periods per year
Medical InsurancePremium Subsidy, up to $482; Kaiser or Blue Cross, HMO or PPO
Dental InsurancePremium subsidy, $9.42
Vision InsuranceNo cost to resident
Short Term DisabilityNo cost to resident
Paid Time Off4 weeks of Paid Time Off
Medical, Dental, Care Giver Leave6 weeks paid time off for medical, dental, or caregiver leave one time during residency. 6 weeks of approved medical, dental, parental, or caregiver leave(s) of absence forqualifying reasons that is consistent with applicable laws once and at any time during the residency program at 100% of their salary without exhausting other allowed time away from training. Further information can be found in the program training manual.
Life insurance for resident, premium paid by the county$35,000 to a beneficiary of your choice.
Deferred Compensation Plan7.5% of resident salary – included benefit, 457(b) account – voluntary, tax differed.
1) Dependent Care Assistance Plan 2) Flexible Spending AccountResident participation is voluntary, administered by the county, allows tax differed salary to be set aside to use for childcare or medical expenses.
iPadProvided for length of training
AMA MembershipProvided for length of training
Safe Ride HomeTaxi vouchers available from the Nursing Supervisor.
Discount for Gym MembershipCheck with Kaiser and Blue Cross for the benefit.
Research and conference benefitGME Office provides financial support to residents and fellows.
PerkSpotCounty sponsored discount program, electronics,insurance, other goods and services.
LifeWorks - Employee Assistance Program / Life Referrals Includes up to 5 mental health professional visits.No cost to resident
Comprehensive General Liability, Professional Liability including Auto Liability self-insurance up to $3,000,000 (combined single limits for bodily injury and property damage)No cost to resident
Healthcare Professional Liability self-insurance (combined single limits ) $1,000,000No cost to resident